Sunday, November 9, 2014

Expectations what's that ?

I think it might be a good idea to stop expecting people to do so little. But really it has gotten ridiculous, how little we expect out of others, as well as our selves. Everybody seems to be sleepwalking through life wouldn‘t you say, seeing how in absolute shambles, it all is, and I guess we are relying on the ever familiar hope that “nobody will say anything”, not for fear of anything other, than sharing in the; responsibility we have shirked, with total lack of any, responsibility. I overheard a conversation yesterday, of a very animated young man probably late twenties; good looking, well spoken, telling his friend that this woman he met, was having so many problems and when he suggested to her, that hope, really can only be there, when a responsibility is in place. To be responsible allows for hope to be present my words not his, but a close gist to what he was saying she became angry. Then went on to elaborate on the years of her ongoing agonies, simply because all she wanted to do in life, is to sing and be an actress. The other man then asked “well, with a grasp of what he was saying, how old is this woman”? To which the response was 62 and I laughed. Maybe I shouldn’t have but I did, the laugh was more about me and the absurdity of it all, coupled with the fact that I am 62 in current standing. So little, is to be expected. Most things are running one or two steps ahead of going under and we’re okay with it. Really seems to me, that our expectations or lack thereof, have brought us to where we are today.

Thursday, February 6, 2014


If I could jump I would, but I find that I am afraid of heights so that will have to be put off, at least for now. I am feeling quite overwhelmed and trying with every bit of might, to draw on the very last drop to make it through. Overwhelmed by all of the vulgarity spewed from the supposed “those in charge” wink, wink. The visceral lack of caring for one another, being for one another. All of it, seems to be consumed in the rightness of one and the wrongness of the other. Overwhelmed by the cost of everything nothing unusual in seeing a loaf of bread costing half of what worker makes an hour; the list goes on, milk, gas, you name it. Dismayed, that there is an allowing, that this circus, keeps performing and at the rate it does. More like flabbergasted beyond what might even begin to reach, any kind of understanding, when everybody is actually, all dependent on, our wellbeing for ourselves and the wellbeing of others. We have more than we actually need and we can produce far greater when we work with one another openly, honestly and in the spirit of community. One does not have to lose so the other wins. New paradigm we can have multiple winners without being at the expense of the other. Overwhelmed is something that does one no favor. Feeling on the edge, of getting edgy, you know when it takes very little, to upset the cart that only has one wheel, the veers to the left because the other is flat. When you might like to scream just so you can hear what it sounds like? What about giving a hug and meaning it. What about not always having to respond and just to listen? What about a boost when you least expect it. What about taking that breath deep and allowing for energies flowing in all good ways with love being present when there was none to be seen? Today we dance for tomorrow is promised to no one. When we breathe deep we become more than we ever imagined, when we breathe deep we create an energy flowing, when we breathe deep there is an allowing inward as well as outward, when we breathe deep.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Never to be the same

In all actuality it is never going to be the same. We are not going back and even for the fleetingness of a moment to think, back as if it were something we would even want to do, embrace I am not so sure. Back, no we are not going back. But it is very important to note that it is very prevalent throughout, in our most current times to be clear, the that playbook is being written by corporations for corporations, by their bought staff; the congress, president, and the so called justice department all of whom, pay homage to the corporations which have secured their position, with the clear and ever present understanding that at all cost, the books must be stacked in the favor of “us” the 1 percent. If you do not see it that way, you will be replaced. Just know, there is a line forming to the right. We can all continue to do as little as possible, which we seem to do, exceedingly well, just look around. Or we can come together as people of the 99 percent and if you, choose to take objection, do so but be clear they don’t care anything about you, really. It is about participating whole heartedly, in a conversation, which is all what anything is, where more of the wealth will be shared more equally and there will always be the haves you can count on that there just won’t be the 95 percent scrounging for the 5 percent which equates to, crumbs cast from the table. If we just started a conversation that taxes will be paid by all. If we avow that we, The United Sates, once again sees, that people are indeed equal, and we don’t need clowns and side shows to tell us otherwise. We want healthy cities and good flowing economies to expand further to us all, when expansion is in play, people will thrive. Our commitment is to have more people benefit along with the haves. We have a chance here to have a say in just how it is going to go. They are not rooting for us, so we will need to do the rooting.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Unsticking our lips

Unsticking our lips from the pane of glass, is where it might be useful to start. So much is decided in a split of a second. How we listen, or don’t listen as it may be, is one of the ways these walls of rigidity get constructed. When we notice what it is we do and we all do something it is not like “ well I don’t do anything” you do too, do something just notice what it is you do. Well I couldn’t possibly, and then whatever words, you fill in with. I couldn’t possibly is a catch phrase that limits us, to ever really getting out in front of, the phrase, so as to not have, so many "I couldn’t possibly" times in our lives. Look to see where they show up in our lives. I have “couldn’t possibly” most of my life. Limiting myself to a rather stifling set of circumstances, in all the things I have told myself I “couldn’t possibly” when in fact not only, we could, and quite possibly perhaps with a flare and pizazz as a contribution, to “all the going on” in life; and doing so more freely allowing for an unexpected, to show up at any turn. But really there is an evasive glimpse I keep getting that something quite different is available, if open, to perhaps allowing more than our opinion, guide the way. Each is on our own journey and where it stops nobody knows for sure. Getting out of our opinion, might be something you have not thought much about. We just all have our opinions, and I will assert that most often, it is more like that our opinions have us. It shows up in how with listen. It shows up in how we speak, how we see ourselves and the world. Our opinions are fine to have but there might be something more available if we were to set our opinion to the side. Always you will be able to retrieve it and place it front and center, but for a moment, to the side is preferred. Creating space where there hasn’t been any, is perhaps a little suspect or daunting at first but you will begin to get the hang of it very quickly as you acknowledge no space, there is room now to create space that calls to you. It could be possibly, being a little more patient, being someone people can come to. Writing you’re your first book, song, or comic piece. When we have an opportunity to see things not through our opinion but just simply; what so. There is a plasticity or a malable quality to create a new space that might be a whole lot greater, than an opinion that had our foot nailed to the floor.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Getting Real

This is a time to be real, a time to embrace with great love all we are and hold that all we are, is good, sure there might be some things we were not so proud of and some things we would do differently or maybe not at all but the great sum of who we are is good and in fact I will assert very good. We know right from wrong, we know how we would like to be treated so we give that to others with the intent to create a mutually respectful environment, where one does not need to dominate the other in order to get what he wants but where cooperation with one another is what builds a bright and robust economy, cooperation has been ignored for far too long inside an arrogance of; going it alone in hopes of having it all. When cooperation is in play we have an opportunity to create something far bigger and perhaps with greater imagination than we do when we dominate and disconnect from one another. We need not fear one another, we were set up to do just that when there were massive layoffs and fear set in. Then when hiring slowly began it was imperative that anyone applying better be able to MULTI TASK because you will now be doing the work of of two other laid off workers plus your own. Fear has gripped us to where we become ill, we fret about it, all with not much to show for it. Cooperation will begin to get unstuck what has not been working better than poorly for the last couple of decades. Cooperation is an avenue to create something most amazing, working in tandem with other like minded people, businesses, countries, in our world. Creating prosperity for all to share in not just the one percent but for all when you grow an economy from the middle out more benefit, as well as ALL will benefit. The rich will get richer but so will the poorer and the middle class. Building with cooperation is imperative if we plan on making it out of this hole we are in.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

You are Not Broken and you Ain't Fragile

You Are Not Broken and You Ain’t Fragile If we could just get that but really get it, we would begin to see life differently. We would be able to see past all that we have told ourselves for as many years as it is has been, we could begin to imagine a brighter day or a better way. We could stand up and shake it off. Couple of good shakes can do wonders, Opening our eyes to see something beyond, something that is calling us. Something that gives life, gives inspiration, a calling to something we might have always wanted or just now see we want. Freeing ourselves from a wounded mentality is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself. Allowing our spirits to shine, Imagine if you will, what that could look like. What might happen just cause, we said so, just cause, we decided (past tense) to no longer live inside of our talking heads that do us no favor, instead, creating a joy, or at least a bit of an urge, to do things differently. What are we waiting for? Do tell. Today perhaps is a very good day to do just that. Being for us, is a place where probably it is best to start. No more self sabotage really no more. As we begin to discover ourselves anew, we see things about us we never knew were there. We see maybe that we are funny, might know more than we think, might have a better idea. Might just know what to do next, might allow ourselves moments just to sit and dream of what it could be like. We might choose to be a little kinder, a little more patient not only with ourselves but also with others. Might be willing to go the extra mile, might decide to say yes when we are prone to say no. Might decide to give a smile away today maybe even two. We might even breathe a little deeper and a little slower, a little easier just because we decided to. Starting today in a whole new way is always a choice we can make. We, remember We are not broken and we ain't fragile, we are right where we need to be and the choices from here, truly could know no bounds.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

We don’t have to wait till we are sixty one

I was thinking that we don’t have to wait till we are sixty one.

To smile a little more, say hi a little more. Be kinder a little more, happier a little more. To be; who we really are, but really, this hiding out in a world of compliant, is something I am no longer interested in and I say no longer because I was not willing to say that earlier in my life. I rode the ride along with many of you and it has been really a sweet go. But I am now saying I am not interested in hiding out in a complaint any longer.

I am just thinking: sing a little more, dance a little more, hug a little more, grateful a little more and we don’t have to wait until your sixty one. I can hear Candace saying “well did you have a good time?” Include a little more, give a little more, listen a little more. Breathe a little more; just be, a little more.