Sunday, April 19, 2009

Arlington Gardens

A couple of Weeks Ago I went down to check out: Arlington Gardens. OMG: What a wonderful spot.NO KIDDING! It is located on, (Corner of Arlington and Pasadena Avenue). It is Free, Fun and Fabulous. They have created this, amazing oasis. Yes, the traffic moves up and down Pasadena Avenue but it reminds me of the song from the Valley of the Dolls. about wanting to get off, this merry-go-round, Well, here you go. Get over and check it out.. 15 minutes, of solitude, appreciation and catching ones breath, goes a long ways.

Walk ways and wonderful flowers. Birds (55 different species sighted) and butterflies, and the scent of something quite special. I had the great fortune of meeting Betty who co created this truly great space. She is someone to be, truly thanked for the richness she has given with an open heart as well as hand. There are tables and chairs, places to sit and read. Take a little Sun., have a cup of coffee and read the paper.(Please always take out all that you take in there is no clean up service) and please always hold a great respect for such a wonderful place is certainly in order.

Take a friend and make it a gift.

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