Friday, April 24, 2009

El Mejor Cocktel Unbelievablely Delicioso Sí

OMG Mariscos LIKE NO OTHER No Kidding

There is this very special Blue Truck El Mejor Cocktel. Remember it is the Blue Truck. 12 minutes down the Pasadena Freeway exit 43, Rt to Figueroa Rt on Figueroa wind around in front of Sycamore Park and you will find this amazing family offering the most delicious Mariscos you have ever tasted and I am not exaggerating LOL really. Tostadas: $2.50 camarones, mixto, and something else I forget and then the Cocktel $5.00 camarones, mixto. So Clean and So Fresh. There are times you might have to wait 30 mins in line and some times you are able to get served right away. You can eat in the park or they will pack it to go. They are there everyday except Tuesdays and until about 5:00 o'clock little longer during summertime. Wonderful people and wonderful food.

Be prepared to be Enjoyed.

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