Monday, April 27, 2009

PHO 79 Vietnamese Resturant

I don't know about you
but I didn't want to have Vietnamese food
UNTIL I had PHO 79 Vietnamese food and OMG I am now a believer. I find it to be so fresh and healthy as well as quite inexpensive. PHO 79 Located 6 minutes south of Pasadena in Alhambra on Garfield just below Main Street on the right hand side. Open 9-9 M-T 9-10 F-S-S.

Delicious bowls of hot soup with chicken, beef, or bbq pork are truly amazing. We went down last night had a Spicy beef plate with rice and salad, wonton soup, plus an order of the Imperial roll and we shared it and it was more than enough to eat. Absolutely scrumptious and the bill came to 19.00 for two includes hot tea and water. I tell you this because it is just really a great place.

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