Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rose Bowl Early Morning Workout


I have taken on walking 5 days a week around the Rose Bowl usually around 6:00 AM and I want you to know I am enjoying it tremendously. Yes it is sometimes cold and sometimes a little wet but the payoff out weighs all of that. I am down about 14 pounds and I still have more to go on that scene but I am feeling more energetic really more alive. I have a a whole lot of people I see daily as I walk and their good morning or smile is what I find to be most invigorating. We are all doing it. Some run, some ride their bikes, some walk extremely fast, some walk their dogs, others listen to their I-Pods. But we are all out having an enjoyable time. A sense of community and a wonderful mix of peoples from everywhere enjoying the morning. People walk at all times of the day I say take a look at what will work for you and go give it a try. It is very doable and something you can do at your own pace and something you can do for yourself and yes it is free.


Anonymous said...

What is the distance around the rose bowl?

Robert said...

I read somewhere that it is 3.3 miles so that is what I am going with. I believe this is correct.