Monday, July 13, 2009

Casa Bianca Mamma Mia OMG

Casa Bianca is such a great spot. No Kidding... located on Colorado In Eagle Rock . Fun, good food, not too expensive in fact rather inexpensive. Pizza; thin crust melted cheeses and some really great toppings My Favorite is sausage and Garlic. Get the extra big one cause you are going to want to all. Wine and Beer. Corkage I believe is 5.00. We took actually Patrick brought it and there was no we. Two great bottles a wine and we had pizza no one rushed us and we all had great fun. Weekends you can wait 45- 60 minutes to get seated. I think they will only take reservations for a party of 5 or more. They also have a great backroom for bigger parties. CHECK IT OUT. Fun cheap and and really good. That should work! Works for me.

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