Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gazebo; This Place Is Really Something and I mean Something!

The Gazebo is without equal. Yes there are other gift shops and home shops but there is only one Gazebo, I kid you not, this is not something you cannot write about or try to convey over the phone. You have go and experience this little gem. Don't plan on rushing... there is way you can rush and see it all. All kinds of price points from a dollar to a lot of dollars and everything in between. Garden, home, baby, jewelery, vases candles. Halloween OMG Halloween. Christmas is amazing. They have a annual sale the weekend after Labor Day so it is coming up. It is an event you want to check it out. For 23 years they have offered up all they have to provide you with; fun, interesting, stylish, unique, and yes there is some stupid stuff too, like chickens that turn in circles to a really cute tune and lay plastic eggs, that just one of the stupid stuff,but this is what makes it the Gazebo. Great silk scarfs, accent pieces, mirrors, lamps. framed art, nice selection of music. Great selection for the baby, as well as for young girls and the not so young girls. Go and find out what I am talking about. 323 San Marino Ave, San Gabriel. Five minutes south of Pasadena go straight down Sierra Madre Blvd.

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