Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Oinkster Is without a doubt a Must DO

I had heard of The Oinkster and I knew that this spot that opened maybe a year or so ago and I never went until last Sunday when my client and I decided it was going to be the Oinkster. David had been there several times and had mentioned it to me when we had first met. This place is set up to succeed and the burger fries combo is what we had. Extremely generous burger, it is an old time juicy burger. Pretty excellent fries with a garlic side dip (unbelievable) and a coke in a paper cup. THE BEST! They also serve beer and wine, pastrami sandwiches and a couple of other items. But I say go for the burger. If you are looking for snooty and pristine cafe this isn't the spot if you want it really great a kick back style and with some of the best eats; what are you waiting for?

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