Monday, February 8, 2010

Slaw Dogs: Something Pretty Wonderful

SLAW DOGS Founded 2010. What a delightful little spot, after seeing the sign and having to circle back several blocks just to get turned around and wondering what this might be, I parked up the street and ventured back down Lake to find a sweet find. A really cool oasis; a dog heaven (they serve other things in addition). Clean and jumping. The boards are quite full and it would probably take some time to decipher all the options. But this is real find. NO KIDDING. Great owners a hard working cute couple, they had their Grand Opening Saturday night and I was there 1:30 Sunday afternoon, having a great dog along with the house slaw and loving every minute. Must check it out. You will be very glad you did. Lake Avenue just above Orange Grove on the right hand side. Black and white sign pops out. Go Check it out.

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PulledPorker said...

Well said. It is a great place. Pasadena needs more places like this. (I don't mean hot dog joints, I mean independently-owned joints with people who are passionate about what they do.)