Monday, March 22, 2010

Walk Walk Walk Oh How Great It is and it is Free Free Free

I have been out and walking some pretty great is just so plain to see that the architecture in Pasadena has quite a lot to offer. So many different as well as great offerings, Trees trees and more trees. Spanish, CA Bungalow, French, English, Mediterranean, Big set backs, right on the street. Birds singing leaves rustling in the breeze. Spring is here. I am liking the little longer days and it is an opportunity to take an adventure. Out in the great spaces to see all there is to see. Trees are in bloom it is a great time to enjoy; listen to the silence in the midst of all that is going round.
I think we all, might like to get out and just be. Like we used to do back in the oh well back when we used to do that. Lets do that again. Not only is it good for the body it is equally as good for the soul. Breathe deep and simply enjoy.

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Petrea said...

This post made me smile.