Friday, November 26, 2010

Good Oh so Good... and not an arm and a leg. Its the DEAL

Damn when you want it good. Get in your transport and head south fifteen minutes (off hour) to PHILIPPE French Dip.... oh yahhhhhh. I had a delay in my meeting with a contractor today and I was close enough to make it to one of the best. First went here when Dewey a guy I worked with took me. I was blown away this was probably 36 years ago and I still go and I get he Lamb dip, bag of ruffles, coleslaw and a ice tea every time, yep. They have everything pickled eggs as well as pigs feet (not my style) chili, custard, tons of stuff also beer and wine. Sawdust on the floor and family dining, everybody eats at Philippe no kidding everyone. When there, is a pride in what one does, people recognize it and return again and again just because of it. If you never have been, no excuse. That is like saying you have never been to PINKS. Philippe holiday time is the perfect time and it is such a beautiful day.
Corner of Ord and Alameda, 1 1/2 blocks from Union Station, Olivero Street.

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