Sunday, July 14, 2013

So What do we have?

I was thinking even before the verdict was announced what do we have if Zimmerman is found guilty or found not guilty what do we have? I will not be one to say I know, but what comes to mind is we have a child killed inside the conversation of a hate filled, scared, cowardly young man that has been lead to believe that black people are bad, less than and are to be mistreated that is anything but the truth.  Oh my, what has happened to us as a people, and I am not na├»ve, I know it has been for centuries but it need not be for centuries to come. Let’s come together to meet one another, learn from one another, and be for one another.

Because there was a; not guilty verdict, does not diminish in any way, the beauty and vibrancy of a young black man by the name of Trayvon Benjamin Martin. This should have never, ever happened and it did. It is up to us to work towards making sure it doesn’t happen again. The Martins have been so magnificent in their darkest hours. We should learn from them, grace under fire, Learn from them, there is peace in knowing there is a higher power. We are just a bunch of human beings and we are going to dispel all the untruths that have been fostered and festered for eons, and we are going to learn to love one another and we are going learn from one another, so to inspire one another to be better with one another and we can, we are, and we will.

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