Thursday, August 22, 2013

You are Not Broken and you Ain't Fragile

You Are Not Broken and You Ain’t Fragile If we could just get that but really get it, we would begin to see life differently. We would be able to see past all that we have told ourselves for as many years as it is has been, we could begin to imagine a brighter day or a better way. We could stand up and shake it off. Couple of good shakes can do wonders, Opening our eyes to see something beyond, something that is calling us. Something that gives life, gives inspiration, a calling to something we might have always wanted or just now see we want. Freeing ourselves from a wounded mentality is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself. Allowing our spirits to shine, Imagine if you will, what that could look like. What might happen just cause, we said so, just cause, we decided (past tense) to no longer live inside of our talking heads that do us no favor, instead, creating a joy, or at least a bit of an urge, to do things differently. What are we waiting for? Do tell. Today perhaps is a very good day to do just that. Being for us, is a place where probably it is best to start. No more self sabotage really no more. As we begin to discover ourselves anew, we see things about us we never knew were there. We see maybe that we are funny, might know more than we think, might have a better idea. Might just know what to do next, might allow ourselves moments just to sit and dream of what it could be like. We might choose to be a little kinder, a little more patient not only with ourselves but also with others. Might be willing to go the extra mile, might decide to say yes when we are prone to say no. Might decide to give a smile away today maybe even two. We might even breathe a little deeper and a little slower, a little easier just because we decided to. Starting today in a whole new way is always a choice we can make. We, remember We are not broken and we ain't fragile, we are right where we need to be and the choices from here, truly could know no bounds.

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