Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Getting Real

This is a time to be real, a time to embrace with great love all we are and hold that all we are, is good, sure there might be some things we were not so proud of and some things we would do differently or maybe not at all but the great sum of who we are is good and in fact I will assert very good. We know right from wrong, we know how we would like to be treated so we give that to others with the intent to create a mutually respectful environment, where one does not need to dominate the other in order to get what he wants but where cooperation with one another is what builds a bright and robust economy, cooperation has been ignored for far too long inside an arrogance of; going it alone in hopes of having it all. When cooperation is in play we have an opportunity to create something far bigger and perhaps with greater imagination than we do when we dominate and disconnect from one another. We need not fear one another, we were set up to do just that when there were massive layoffs and fear set in. Then when hiring slowly began it was imperative that anyone applying better be able to MULTI TASK because you will now be doing the work of of two other laid off workers plus your own. Fear has gripped us to where we become ill, we fret about it, all with not much to show for it. Cooperation will begin to get unstuck what has not been working better than poorly for the last couple of decades. Cooperation is an avenue to create something most amazing, working in tandem with other like minded people, businesses, countries, in our world. Creating prosperity for all to share in not just the one percent but for all when you grow an economy from the middle out more benefit, as well as ALL will benefit. The rich will get richer but so will the poorer and the middle class. Building with cooperation is imperative if we plan on making it out of this hole we are in.

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