Saturday, September 21, 2013

Unsticking our lips

Unsticking our lips from the pane of glass, is where it might be useful to start. So much is decided in a split of a second. How we listen, or don’t listen as it may be, is one of the ways these walls of rigidity get constructed. When we notice what it is we do and we all do something it is not like “ well I don’t do anything” you do too, do something just notice what it is you do. Well I couldn’t possibly, and then whatever words, you fill in with. I couldn’t possibly is a catch phrase that limits us, to ever really getting out in front of, the phrase, so as to not have, so many "I couldn’t possibly" times in our lives. Look to see where they show up in our lives. I have “couldn’t possibly” most of my life. Limiting myself to a rather stifling set of circumstances, in all the things I have told myself I “couldn’t possibly” when in fact not only, we could, and quite possibly perhaps with a flare and pizazz as a contribution, to “all the going on” in life; and doing so more freely allowing for an unexpected, to show up at any turn. But really there is an evasive glimpse I keep getting that something quite different is available, if open, to perhaps allowing more than our opinion, guide the way. Each is on our own journey and where it stops nobody knows for sure. Getting out of our opinion, might be something you have not thought much about. We just all have our opinions, and I will assert that most often, it is more like that our opinions have us. It shows up in how with listen. It shows up in how we speak, how we see ourselves and the world. Our opinions are fine to have but there might be something more available if we were to set our opinion to the side. Always you will be able to retrieve it and place it front and center, but for a moment, to the side is preferred. Creating space where there hasn’t been any, is perhaps a little suspect or daunting at first but you will begin to get the hang of it very quickly as you acknowledge no space, there is room now to create space that calls to you. It could be possibly, being a little more patient, being someone people can come to. Writing you’re your first book, song, or comic piece. When we have an opportunity to see things not through our opinion but just simply; what so. There is a plasticity or a malable quality to create a new space that might be a whole lot greater, than an opinion that had our foot nailed to the floor.

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