Monday, December 9, 2013

Never to be the same

In all actuality it is never going to be the same. We are not going back and even for the fleetingness of a moment to think, back as if it were something we would even want to do, embrace I am not so sure. Back, no we are not going back. But it is very important to note that it is very prevalent throughout, in our most current times to be clear, the that playbook is being written by corporations for corporations, by their bought staff; the congress, president, and the so called justice department all of whom, pay homage to the corporations which have secured their position, with the clear and ever present understanding that at all cost, the books must be stacked in the favor of “us” the 1 percent. If you do not see it that way, you will be replaced. Just know, there is a line forming to the right. We can all continue to do as little as possible, which we seem to do, exceedingly well, just look around. Or we can come together as people of the 99 percent and if you, choose to take objection, do so but be clear they don’t care anything about you, really. It is about participating whole heartedly, in a conversation, which is all what anything is, where more of the wealth will be shared more equally and there will always be the haves you can count on that there just won’t be the 95 percent scrounging for the 5 percent which equates to, crumbs cast from the table. If we just started a conversation that taxes will be paid by all. If we avow that we, The United Sates, once again sees, that people are indeed equal, and we don’t need clowns and side shows to tell us otherwise. We want healthy cities and good flowing economies to expand further to us all, when expansion is in play, people will thrive. Our commitment is to have more people benefit along with the haves. We have a chance here to have a say in just how it is going to go. They are not rooting for us, so we will need to do the rooting.

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Emi's mom said...

I'm rooting for you, Bob. Sending a hug for a Monday. I'm remembering Jack Smith, the LA Times columnist who wrote a book titled SPEND ALL YOUR KISSES. I know that love wins--and I agree, we're smarter, stronger, wiser than we give ourselves or each other credit for. Again--rooting for you.