Thursday, February 6, 2014


If I could jump I would, but I find that I am afraid of heights so that will have to be put off, at least for now. I am feeling quite overwhelmed and trying with every bit of might, to draw on the very last drop to make it through. Overwhelmed by all of the vulgarity spewed from the supposed “those in charge” wink, wink. The visceral lack of caring for one another, being for one another. All of it, seems to be consumed in the rightness of one and the wrongness of the other. Overwhelmed by the cost of everything nothing unusual in seeing a loaf of bread costing half of what worker makes an hour; the list goes on, milk, gas, you name it. Dismayed, that there is an allowing, that this circus, keeps performing and at the rate it does. More like flabbergasted beyond what might even begin to reach, any kind of understanding, when everybody is actually, all dependent on, our wellbeing for ourselves and the wellbeing of others. We have more than we actually need and we can produce far greater when we work with one another openly, honestly and in the spirit of community. One does not have to lose so the other wins. New paradigm we can have multiple winners without being at the expense of the other. Overwhelmed is something that does one no favor. Feeling on the edge, of getting edgy, you know when it takes very little, to upset the cart that only has one wheel, the veers to the left because the other is flat. When you might like to scream just so you can hear what it sounds like? What about giving a hug and meaning it. What about not always having to respond and just to listen? What about a boost when you least expect it. What about taking that breath deep and allowing for energies flowing in all good ways with love being present when there was none to be seen? Today we dance for tomorrow is promised to no one. When we breathe deep we become more than we ever imagined, when we breathe deep we create an energy flowing, when we breathe deep there is an allowing inward as well as outward, when we breathe deep.

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