Sunday, November 9, 2014

Expectations what's that ?

I think it might be a good idea to stop expecting people to do so little. But really it has gotten ridiculous, how little we expect out of others, as well as our selves. Everybody seems to be sleepwalking through life wouldn‘t you say, seeing how in absolute shambles, it all is, and I guess we are relying on the ever familiar hope that “nobody will say anything”, not for fear of anything other, than sharing in the; responsibility we have shirked, with total lack of any, responsibility. I overheard a conversation yesterday, of a very animated young man probably late twenties; good looking, well spoken, telling his friend that this woman he met, was having so many problems and when he suggested to her, that hope, really can only be there, when a responsibility is in place. To be responsible allows for hope to be present my words not his, but a close gist to what he was saying she became angry. Then went on to elaborate on the years of her ongoing agonies, simply because all she wanted to do in life, is to sing and be an actress. The other man then asked “well, with a grasp of what he was saying, how old is this woman”? To which the response was 62 and I laughed. Maybe I shouldn’t have but I did, the laugh was more about me and the absurdity of it all, coupled with the fact that I am 62 in current standing. So little, is to be expected. Most things are running one or two steps ahead of going under and we’re okay with it. Really seems to me, that our expectations or lack thereof, have brought us to where we are today.

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